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These are the psychotherapy services we offer

Couples & Relationship Counseling

Couples and relationship counseling is appropriate for any type of relationship that is important to you. The goal of counseling is to improve relationship satisfaction and to change relational patterns leading to conflict and unhappiness. 

We see couples, marriages, non-couples, families and friends - each wanting to improve their relationship with each other.

Common Areas for Couples & Relationships

Couples: Communication,  reducing conflict, financial differences, restoring trust

Infidelity: Infidelity, deception, cheated on, betrayal, loss of trust, anger

Sex: Sexual intimacy, sex after kids, not wanting to have sex, different sexual preferences

Parenting: Accountability, different parenting styles, difficult child, feeling overwhelmed

Pre-Marriage: Newly married, pre-martial counseling, non-married counseling

Family Issues: In-law issues, or family counseling

Social: Friend counseling, roommate counseling, lost friendships

Family: Family counseling, sibling counseling, in-laws therapy

Business & Co-Founder Counseling

Some of our most important relationships are not just with our significant others, but with our business partners as well. These relationships at times, can cause immense stress, as the tie to success and finances make them unique.

We work with these complex dynamics by teaching key skills, such as communication, conflict mitigation & stress management.

Common Areas for Business Relationships

Interpersonal Conflict: Depression or anxiety in your business relationships

Partnerships: Wanting to improve your relationship with your business partners

Executive Coaching: Improvement within work, job satisfaction, realizing dreams or wanting to have optimum performance

Co-Founder Relationships: Struggle with stress of being a founder or co-founder

Start-Up Stress: Being in a start up and the stress that come from this environment

Difficulty Delegating: Having trouble with trust, and delegation of responsibilities

Execution & Decision Making: Difficulty in making decisions & execution

Executive Leadership: Wanting your leadership team to perform stronger

Individual & one-on-one Counseling

Individual counseling can be tremendously helpful for those experiencing relationship distress or longing for something more.

Individual therapy can assist you through life’s many transitions, such as parenthood, loss of employment, difficultly finding a life partner, divorce/ breaking up, grieving the loss of not becoming a mother/ father, loneliness, or wanting to realize more out of life

Common Areas for Individuals

Love: Looking for love, failed relationships, break up counseling

Emotional: Anger, depression, anxiety, moody, feeling "low"

ADHD: Trouble concentrating or staying focused, feeling scattered or overwhelmed, and constantly "behind"

Repeating Old Patterns: Repeating old patterns, dating the "wrong" person

Grief or Loss: Losing a loved one, parent, or child and needing support

Divorce: Considering divorce, or going through a divorce

Transition: Falling out of love, divorce, middle of life questions, unfulfilled dreams

Quarter or Mid-Life Questions: Having questions about your life & choices

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