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The Relationship Institute of San Francisco

Our mission is to provide on going resources, workshops and education to the public on common relationship struggles. Through education and insight, we believe that individuals will grow into healthier ways of relating.


Divorce Workshops

Ending your marriage or relationship, whether by choice or not, is one of the most difficult and confusing life transitions. You don't have to go through this on your own.

Please join us for a facilitated gathering where you can talk about this difficult process with other women in similar situations. Sharing with others can help you feel less alone and more confident about yourself and your choices. You'll begin to cultivate inner resilience, develop fierce self love, and create a community of women who can be there for you. We'd love to see you!


Baby Proofing Your Relationship

We spend so much of our time preparing for the baby. We research cribs, mattresses, bottles and activity mats. We've taken a tour of the hospital, toured day cares, but what about your relationship? So many couples enter parenthood excited, however there is a noticeable shift in your existing relationship.

This workshop will go over five essential pitfalls that couples fall into after their baby is born. We will guide you on what to be aware of, and tools on how to reduce these common areas of relationship distress.


Essential Guide to Communication Workshop

The number one reason couples contact us for counseling is due to "communication issues." Communication is the verb in relationship. It is what creates intimacy, connection and authentic experiences. However, we often find ourselves trapped in a way of communicating that is met with either conflict, not feeling heard, or even feeling criticized or discounted. We resort to ways that drive distance instead of closeness.

This workshop will give you five tools on how to communicate differently with your partner. Using the science from John Gottman's work, along with strategies developed by experts in the couples counseling field, participants will learn about communication methods that can help their relationship grow stronger.