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Fees for Therapy

The cost for psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be expensive. We realize that for many, this service is costly and can cause financial strain. Our fee for therapy is $250 per 50 minute session. We will offer you referrals if the fee is out of your budget.

Other FAQs


How Long is Therapy?

Many new clients ask us, "how long will therapy take?" The truth is, we simply do not know. Clients come to us in all different stages of transition; each client bringing a unique dilemma, and sometimes these can be very complex. Unfortunately, there is no way to give a firm timeline.

However, you can always start and end therapy at your choosing, or discuss a certain "cap" to a number of sessions. This is your journey, and we will support you in whatever you choose.

How long are Sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes; weekly. However, some couples prefer 90-minute sessions, as there can be a lot to get through with two people present.


We do not accept insurance, but can provide invoicing for submission. Also, for those that have FSA plans, individual counseling is typically a permissible expense (please confirm with your particular FSA plan or accountant). Also, some insurance providers pay "Out of Network" for therapy services, and our therapists can provide a "super bill."


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