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The Good Divorce by constance ahrons

This work points out the positive aspects of divorce, and examines the complex dilemmas couples face as they separate as spouses while remaining connected as parents. The book dispels the myth that divorce inevitably leaves emotionally-troubled children in its wake. The book also serves as a guide to responsible divorce. It contains case histories that should help couples to understand the normal, predictable crises of separation and help them move beyond the confusing, even terrifying, early stages of break-up, to deal with the transition from a nuclear to a "bi-nuclear" family - a family that spans two households and yet retains the important emotional bonds of kinship


Helping Children Cope with Divorce by Edward Teyber

Named One of the 10 Best Parenting Books of the Year by Child Magazine, this revised edition teaches you to minimize stress during initial breakups and ultimate separation, explain divorce so children don't blame themselves, protect children from parental hostilities, and navigate conflicts of loyalty and alliance.