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Client FAQs

Client's most common questions, such as what a first session will be like and others

Q: What can I expect at my first session?

A: The goal of your first session is for you and your therapist to get to know one another. It is important for you to assess whether or not you feel comfortable with your therapist.  Below is what you can expect to happen during your first session: 

  • We will ask why you're seeking therapy.
  • We will review your rights as a client, and our rights as therapists.
  • We will explain our missed appointments and cancellation policies.
  • We will gather some basics information about you - where you're from, your past experiences, and anything you are wanting to share.
  • We will ask you to review and complete a few standard forms

Q: How long does therapy take? Will my problems be fixed?

A: We work on a short-term model, however, not all problems are created equal. Typically, you and your therapist will device a custom plan that fits with your goals and how long you want to be in therapy. Some clients choose to complete a few sessions, where as others may continue for a year.  The commitment is really up to you.

Q: What if I don't like my therapist?

A: If you and your therapist are not a good match, we are happy to offer you additional referrals within The Relationship Institute, or we can make referrals to other therapists outside of our immediate network. 

Q: Why is therapy so expensive?

A: Therapy can be expensive. Like other professional services you receive (legal, accounting, medical), a professional therapist requires licensing and extensive, specialized training in a variety of areas (mental health, behavior, ethics, safety, the law, etc.) Although you may develop  a close trusted relationship with your therapist, your therapist is not a paid friend, but a mental health provider dedicated to helping you live a happier life.

Q: What if I'm Running Late and need to miss my appointment? Or you Can't Leave Work? What is the cancellation Policy?

A: Every therapist has a different cancellation policy, ranging from 24 hours up to a several days. Therefore, it's important to ask, or read about the cancellation policy in the informed consent. If you do miss your appointment, and aren't able to cancel in time, you will be billed for your session.