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Brooke Armstrong, Ph.D

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Dr. Brooke Armstrong is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #51691). She has long been fascinated by how the brain works and how we create our own experience. Currently, Dr. Armstrong sees clients in her private practice in Hayes Valley, where many of her clients work through major transitions, discover their strengths and overcome the obstacles in their lives.


Dr. Armstrong holds a PhD in Neuroscience from UCSD and conducted research at the Salk Institute. Her studies focused on how we integrate perception, memory and attention to understand the world around us. Dr. Armstrong also holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Wright Institute, and earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Stanford University.  She was a visiting Professor in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley, and she has lectured at Stanford University, UCSD, and California College of the Arts.


Dr. Armstrong ran DBT/CBT groups and taught coping skills at UCSF Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. She has also provided counseling for individuals and couples at Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, where she helped people with relationships, health concerns, depression, career, creative expression, anxiety and stress. Dr. Armstrong has also provided suicide and grief counseling at Family Services Agency of Marin, art therapy at Conard House, and animal-assisted therapy for developmentally disabled children at St. Francis Elementary School

Speaking Engagements

Most recently, Dr. Armstrong spoke at California Pacific Medical Center’s Mini-Medical School Series on the Neurobiology of Love.